Meet Your Guide


Since she was a young girl, Lynn has had a natural communion with nature, and a deep appreciation for its ability to help the mind find peace and calm. Born in South Africa, she has been blessed to live in places of rich natural beauty and energy, which is largely what drew her to Sedona. Her passion is to use mediation and Sedona’s energy to bring you into the present moment where all problems are solved. She has traveled and lived in several different countries and it is her joy to bring people together of different cultures and world views to show us the natural connection we all share and break through the illusions of what we feel separates us.

With an honors degree in psychology and many deep explorations into the nature of consciousness itself, she offers a dynamic approach to people looking to have a meaningful experience while in Sedona, whether it be experiencing feeling your own body’s energy flow for the first time, or sharing deeply about your fears and traumas you’d like help with releasing. Lynn has vast life experience and can help you move through whatever you may be needing guidance with. Utilizing practices such as Vipassana meditation, Dahn yoga, trauma counseling, EFT, A Course In Miracles and Byron Katies work, and many more; her natural enthusiasm and childlike nature will help allow you to feel that you can be your natural and authentic self, as well as access deeper states of consciousness.

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