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Special Events… Pop Up Yoga Classes, Sound Healing, Kirtans, Retreats, and Trainings with visiting and local yoga luminaries at Aumbase Sedona. Download the App or sign up for the mailing list to be the first to know about special events at Aumabse Sedona!

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February 4th – March 3rd – April 7th – May 5th

Utilizing musical resonance and sound vibration to elevate bio-frequency, causing inner alchemy and cellular recalibration.

Benefits can be: energetic healing, ecstatic bliss, happiness, enhanced wellness, stillness, pure presence and lasting peace.

Transcend into the pleasure of divine love, co-creation and loving awareness.

Daniel Posney (of Sedona) is a “wayshower” and alchemist with shamanic medicine for those who are seeking clarity and empowerment within their lives. Daniel’s “medicine” is his intuitive guidance, life coaching, trans-personal psychology, and energy medicine to assist clients to break through mental limits and emotional barriers. Musical instruments such as Australian didgeridoo, Native American flute and Tibetan bowl, are used to facilitate physical and emotional release. Daniel’s presence, compassion and ability to hold a loving and sacred space, assists in promoting profound healing, and life transformation. Daniel has traveled extensively, lived within a 4000-acre self-realization community, taught martial arts as a black belt master, and is the author of One White Stone. Daniel provides practical tools to create and attract more of what you want in your life, significantly reduce physical pain, discover new perspectives and experience more awareness and clarity about your life. He is a master at being able to communicate the highest perspective.

Valerie Sanjali Irons is an artist, sound alchemist, breathwork practitioner and kirtan wallah practicing in Sedona, AZ since 2014. She founded Sanjali Healing Arts in 2018, bringing all her modalities together. She is immersed in the world of sacred sound and offers private sessions – “Soundwave Journeys” – using her Soundwave Bed™, as well as group sound alchemy journeys. Additionally, she incorporates sound alchemy in the Shamanic Breathwork sessions that she facilitates. She released her first kirtan cd, Devaprana “An Offering To the Gods” in November of 2016. She continues to paint and sculpt, as well as teach “Sacred Creativity” workshops. She is dedicated to divine expansion through the arts. Inspired by divine love, she is deeply grateful.

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Yoga poses to enhance heart opening, including partner yoga, thai yoga and an extra sweet guided savasana with live sound healing.

Bring your partner, or we will pair you up.

Post savasana wine & cacao treats.

Taught by Jim & Kathy Simonik

Jim and Kathy are both E500 RYT Certified Anusara® Yoga Instructors. Former studio owners in the suburbs of Chicago, leading 200 and 300 hour teacher trainings in Chicago and now in Sedona, including a destination training in June.
Their teaching focuses on the Universal Principles of Alignment™ and how to modify poses for the individual students needs. They complement each other with nurturing, playful and inspiring classes.

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$33 Early Bird

$44 Starting on February 20th

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Experience a profound liberation from worry and anxiety. Open to a whole new level of peace, clarity and purpose.Join us for this unparalleled opportunity to receive a life-changing emotional and physical healing with embodied healer and teacher Jenna Hedstrom. Are you a health-loving, conscious person who has practiced yoga, read self-help books, attended healing workshops and perhaps had some powerful spiritual glimpses, but when it comes to your everyday reality… you still struggle with worry, anxiety and the feeling that there is more?

If so, this event is for you! It is time to directly experience that profound inner peace, embodied ease and Soul’s Guidance that IS possible… and is waiting to embrace you. Learn to claim it as your living and breathing reality.

These group events allow Jenna to give individual attention to as many people as possible. It’s her attuned attention, touch, guidance and energy work that creates a powerful healing and deep breakthrough for the participants.

Each event is unique. You are encouraged to attend more than one to deepen your experience and continue to “peel your onion”. The deepest level of healing arises from consistent, private work with Jenna.

Register right away to secure your commitment.

Please reach out to Jenna at with any questions.

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March 14th, 2020 | 10:30am – 1:30pm

Have you ever wanted to be able to play a didgeridoo? You know…that didgeridoo that sits in the corner of your room. Do you play one now and want to learn how to improve your play or create your own? Maybe you want to perfect the enigmatic “circular breathing” which allows you to play for long periods of time. Join didgeridoo healing master Daniel Posney of Sedona in this class that will help you and others with creating and playing the didgeridoo. Daniel will demonstrate different sound techniques and healing methods used with wellness clients and patients at The Lodge At Sedona during “Awakening & Healing” class. Yes! We will have lots of fun learning to circular breathe. Not a rhythms class.

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