Transformational Breathwork Overview:

Transformational Breathwork is a dynamic technique that uses a cathartic, primal breath to release blockages and old wounds from the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. This breath allows one to bypass the mind, dysfunctional patterns and belief systems to allow the transformational energy to go directly into the areas that are calling for release & empowerment.  Breathwork clears energy, awakens the heart, connects  you to your higher self, and creates expansive awareness.  This process offers a vital opportunity for deep healing, personal growth, awakening and transformation.

Monday Night Breathwork!

Along with our private breathwork sessions, we are thrilled to offer MONDAY NIGHT BREATHWORK with rotating practitioners. We have gathered together the best of Sedona’s breathwork practitioners so that we can bring you opportunities for Transformational Breathwork each and every Monday night. We believe in the power of this work and are excited to offer it to you each and every Monday.

Lovely, spacious, beautiful Aumbase!!!  A fabulous place to host an event or attend one.  Just attended Zach’s Conscious Breathwork at Aumbase!!  Fabulous workshop, love the space!!

Lori K. 
Lori K.

I attended a breath work shop with Zach Rehder. What an amazing experience. This was my first time doing this type of workshop and it’s amazing to experience this type of work with a truly amazing facilitator. Thanks Zach!

Lisa C. Mississauga Ontario
Lisa C.

Attended Breathwork with Sue Stebila and it was absolutely amazing!  Very profound work and perfectly facilitated.  I am not usually a fan of breath work, but Sue is truly gifted and I give her class the highest recommendation.

Susan M. Sedona, AZ
Susan M.

What a truly amazing and cathartic experience you created for me with breathwork. I am amazed with the experience I will remember for a lifetime!


Private Session Booking Options

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For groups larger than 2 please view our group rates below. 

Please call with any inquiries: 928-793-2777

Transformational Breathwork Sessions

for Private Groups

Groups from 3 to 20 people – $40 per person (Minimum $300)

Please call for groups larger than 20 people.

Please call (928) 793-2777
​or email to schedule.

Monday Night Breathwork Schedule

Join us Monday evenings for our in the studio breathwork classes with rotating practioners. Select a date and book below. We also offer private transformational breathwork sessions; please scroll below for more information or click here

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