Group Sound Healings

In Studio or at Your Location

Harmonize with the Universe at Aumbase Sedona’s unique sound healing sessions. Experience ‘Space of Grace’, an acoustic immersion that combines the serene tones of crystal bowls, Tibetan instruments, and more. Relax into a deeply meditative state, allowing the resonating frequencies to guide you inward to a space of grace. Alternatively, embark on the ‘Sanjali Sound Alchemy Journey’, a group concert that interweaves voice, diverse instruments, looping pedals, and mantras for a transcendent journey. With these offerings, you’ll not just listen, but truly feel the vibrations, achieving a higher state of consciousness and profound bliss. Join us, and resonate with the rhythm of tranquility.

Our Offerings

Space of Grace: Acoustic
Sound Immersion

Bask in the soothing and healing vibrations of crystal & Tibetan bowls, flute, gongs, chimes, drums, and so much more! Relax into a deep state of meditative bliss as you allow the sounds and frequencies to take you on a journey as you savor the space of grace within.

Approx 1.5 hours

$50/person in Studio with $300 Min.

$150 additional to go to your location

I attended the sound healing with Valerie tonight and it was purely magical.  Valerie’s calm voice, mastery of all things sound, and peaceful atmosphere were transporting.  I was so pleased to hear that she will be doing them at least once a month along with a variety of other sound experience events.  As a local, this will be a perfect go-to!  Thank you Valerie!!!

Jill Q. Sedona, AZ
Jill Q.

What a trip i went on with you.  Such a cool journey and such an amazing experience.  You are very gifted and i enjoyed being in your space.


What a truly amazing and cathartic experience you created for me with breathwork. I am amazed with the experience I will remember for a lifetime!


Thank you for sharing your etherial gift with me.  there are no words…


Wow! What a surprise and such a gift!  Thank you for your generosity and support in what was truly an amazing session!


I came to see you last December for a womb healing session following 2 pregnancy losses. It was such an incredibly moving experience and I’m so glad that I was able to meet you and have the session. 

Happy to announce that I became pregnant soon after and gave birth to a healthy baby boy! I truly believe that coming to do the session helped me heal and I wanted you to know. Thank you for your work!


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1785 West SR 89A, #1C (basement level),
Sedona 86336

Corner of 89A and Northview in West Sedona

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